Butalbital false positive in a medication test?

Butalbital false positive in a drug test?
the daughter failed an important medication test required for employment. The test detected Butalbital. My child is very anti-drug and therefore this is a false positive. I am trying to find a possible way this could display on a drug test, as in other OTC drugs or even conditions that could influence the testing.

There are maybe a lot of answers for this question. yet I think the best answer will be:

solution by No Chance without having River Euphrates
There are two distinct options (and solutions).

1) the girl popped a false good – and she should ask for that they retest her (although that can look fishy, due to the fact she might have tried to protect it up in her program in the interim).

2) the girl took something like ‘Fioricet’ that would make her pop good for Butalbital. Someone might’ve slipped it to her (unlikely) or given it to her.

will she have any buddies that have migraine or muscle-contraction headaches? That’s the most common point they get prescribed with regard to. If your daughter complained to a friend about a headache, these people might’ve given it to her (either purposefully or accidentally) and she took it, thinking it was just an aspirin, not really realizing that it would come up on a drug test.

I hope she is able to figure it away, and doesn’t miss out on a good job opportunity over some thing as stupid as that will (I’m not a big lover of drug tests — but there are obviously a few jobs where you don’t would like someone doped up).

Good luck!

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