the reason why would a LPN that we susp. stole the duragesic patch test very high (1219) for butalbital? Is it the patch?

Why would a LPN who we susp. took a duragesic patch check very high (1219) for butalbital? Is it the patch?
I see that butalbital is a barbituate. I’m curious if the duragesic (25mg) would trigger this or if it contains a barbituate? That was the only + hit on her drug display…

There are maybe a lot of answers for this question. yet I think the best answer will be:

solution by hecla 1
DURAGESIC delivers fentanyl, an opioid pain medicine. Just because she stole it does not mean she used it… the girl could have sold it, probably barbituates (apparently, if she has no script) are the girl drug of choice

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